Yeba is a symbol based on a legend

Yeba is a state of mind, a vision of life, an attitude.

This name has become our legacy, her spirit the essence in everything we do.

The legend of Yeba

Hundreds years ago, in the land of the hills of Benin, the first Yeba was born. She became Queen after her father died on the battlefield. To everyone’s surprise, she led her troops to victory. As she wanted her domain to be a peaceful one, she forged alliances with subregion tribes. She did something no woman or man had done before.

She gave birth to three sons and she made them promise to name their first daughters Yeba, which now means ‘the one born to fulfill her destiny.’

When you are called Yeba, it implies that there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

If this Queen’s spirit could speak today, it would tell you…

Yeba is a symbol based on a legend

« The world is my kingdom My soul is the one of a warrior My heart is the one of a believer I was born to follow my destiny I open doors I am the spirit of Yeba »

Yeba sells business bags for active women
The Modern Story

Embracing this anything-is-possible mindset and philosophy, we want to create ‘elegant & feminine’, yet practical, chic business essentials that fit into modern women’s lifestyles. The Yeba woman is confident and aspirational. Each essential she wears becomes a statement that reflects her personal drive.

Most of the time, she’s on the go, walking her way down to life like nothing can stop her. Smiley and focused, she is intelligent, driven & confident, knowing that there is no limit to what she can accomplish or choose to be.

Yeba Olayé designs business bags for active women
The Designer

Yeba Olayé is a Belgian-Beninese designer. Two years ago, she left behind her career in management consulting to pursue her dream: create an aspirational luxury brand. Starting with nothing but a sketchbook, she ultimately turned her vision into reality: her beautiful collection ‘Premiere’ and her undefeated passion inspires.

Yeba designs for a woman who lives in the present and moves toward achieving herself; a woman that is aspirational and wants to be the lead of her own story.